Garage Door Safety Tips for Your Peace of Mind

Garage doors are functional elements of a home but can become hazards if not properly maintained. At Priority Garage Door Service, we focus on safety and strive to educate homeowners on critical garage door safety tips to protect their families and properties.

Regular Maintenance for Safe Operations

Consistent maintenance is crucial for the proper and safe functioning of your garage door system. We recommend regular inspections to identify any worn-out parts, loose hardware, and to check alignment. Lubricate moving parts to minimize friction and promote smooth operation. Being proactive with maintenance helps you address potential issues before they turn into safety risks.

Stay Clear of the Door While It’s Moving

Here is a vital safety rule: Keep hands and objects away from the garage door while it is moving. Teach family members, especially children, to stay away from the door during operation. Keep fingers and other objects away from moving parts to avoid crush injuries. And always caution your family members against trying to pass under a moving garage door.

Test Safety Features Regularly

Modern garage doors are equipped with safety features like auto-reverse mechanisms and photo-eye sensors. Regularly test these features to confirm their functionality. Test the auto-reverse by placing an object in the door’s path to see if it reverses upon contact. Keep photo-eye sensors clean to ensure they continue to work correctly.

Professional Installation and Repairs

For installations or repairs, always utilize professional services like Priority Garage Door Service. Proper installation and repair by professionals can prevent safety issues and further damage. If you want your garage door fixed effectively so that it works every time you use it, getting professional help from our skilled technicians is the way to go.

We Can Help You Maintain a Safe Garage Door Operation

By adhering to these safety tips and utilizing professional services, you can maintain the convenience of your garage door while promoting a secure environment. Priority Garage Door Service provides same-day repairs and complimentary estimates. Our maintenance offerings, including our signature "lube and tune" service and an extensive 26-point safety inspection, are designed to keep your garage door in optimal condition and avert expensive repairs in the future. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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